Shooting Tips In Fifa 2013 - Fifa 2013 Attacking Guide

Shooting Tips In Fifa 2013 - Fifa 2013 Attacking Guide

FIFA 13 can be a frustrating game but knowing how to score from a variety of angles can be the difference between winning and losing a game. This area of the game is just as important as defending.
In this section of the guide we show you how to score like a pro.
What stats to look for in a striker.

Obviously it’s not possible with every team that they will have a top quality striker but even someone with just a few of the attributes below will help you on the way to scoring more goals. If you’re signing a player in career mode you want to be looking for high ratings in the areas below:
• Finishing
• Shot Power
• Long Shots
• Volleys
• Reactions
• Ball Control
• FK Acc. (if you want to score from free kicks)
• Heading
• Jumping
The following traits are also useful:
• Long Shot Taker
• Finesse Shot
• Power Free-Kick
• Power Header
• Flair
• Distance Shooter
• Clinical Finisher
• Complete Forward
• Aerial Threat (for headers)
• Poacher
• Free Kick Specialist

When to shoot
Knowing when to shoot and which angles to shoot from is crucial to your success.
Generally you’ll want to get into a position that:
• Has a clear space in front of your player
• Isn’t too far out (the edge of the box is fine, but halfway line stuff is rarely ever worth it)
• Has you facing the opposition’s goal (unless you want to do a bicycle kick or other acrobatic shot)
• Presents you with an angle that isn’t ludicrous (shooting from the corner flag is a waste)

How to shoot
Shooting is fairly responsive on Fifa 13. If you hold the button down too much you’ll end up blazing the ball over the bar and into the stands. Holding the left analog stick up while shooting will help add topspin to the ball. Pushing away from goal will add backspin. The best method we have found is to aim the ball towards where you want whilst holding up so diagonally up with left analog stick and holding the stick until the ball is struck. This will help aim to the corners and add topspin to keep the ball on target.

It is important to remember – every player is different. Some will keep shots low even when you’ve held the button for a while.

Finesse Shots
These have been toned down hugely for Fifa 13 and rightly so! Hold the RB (360) or R1 (PS3) button while shooting and your player will fire a softer yet more accurate shot, with a slight curl. These are ideal for shooting the ball around a keeper diagonally when one-on-one, or if you’re inside the penalty box on an angle.
Obviously a player that has the Finesse Shot trait he will be even better at pulling these off.

Flair Shots
Hold the LT (360) or L2 (PS3) button then press shoot to command your player to pull off a more stylish shot at goal including bicycle kicks and diving headers.

If you’re running towards goal then holding this button whilst shooting can make the shot a lot faster and more powerful than usual as well as being more accurate. It’s ideal for slotting low balls quickly into the goal using the double tap technique.

The Flair Shot can also be useful when the ball is in the air. Hold it down before shooting and – depending on your player’s position – he will attempt an overhead kick, bicycle kick or scorpion kick. These are quite tricky to pull off and have to be well timed as well as having the player in the right position. Flair shots can be used from low crosses too – your player will flick the ball into the net with style. If your player has the Flair trait, he will be able to pull these off more effectively.

Chip/Lob Shots
Hold the LB (360) or L1 (PS3) button to do a lob shot. These are great if the keeper has stepped quite a way off his line or is running out towards you. These shots take a little bit of practice to master, but look amazing when done correctly and are an ideal way of taking out a goalkeeper with great reflexes and diving. If the Gk is stopping most of your 1v1 chances or rushing out to you all the time closing you down before you can shoot effectively then a lob shot can be a great way to finish. Even if it doesn’t go in it will make the opposition think more about rushing out and keep him on his line giving you more chance to fashion a better shooting angle etc that we talked about above.

1v1 Finishing
Scoring Fifa 13 goals are a precious thing. After all, they decide ultimately if you win a game or not. Finishing a 1v1 on Fifa is one of the most vital skills you will need to be successful at the game.
Here we talk you through the various methods and choices you have when presenting an opportunity where it’s just you and the goalkeeper going head-to-head.

In no particular order…

Finesse Shot
- Create an angle
- Open up the body if there’s no angle to work with
- Aim high or low, never in the middle
Double-tap Shot
- Aim to the side of the keeper
- Wait for the goalkeeper to commit
- Quickly tap the shoot button, they will get the shot away very quick
Power Shot
- Aim low or high
- Hit earlier rather than waiting for the keeper to get close (they will almost always stop if they get close)
Lob Shot
- Think about the distance you are from goal (25 yards + is going to be very difficult to score)
- How the keeper has been reacting to through balls and chances made all game
- How much power to apply, taking into consideration the backspin applied to the ball
Dink Shot
- No more than 12 yards out, any further won’t have the speed or power to go in
- Double tap quickly once the keeper is committed
- Remember to hold L1/LB
Skill Move/Dribble around the goalkeeper
- Use a skill move that you are comfortable with
- One that changes the direction that your player is travelling
- Can result in a penalty if the keeper isn’t quick enough
Big Touch (Personal favourite)
- If the ball is between you and the keeper
- They rush towards you but you get there first
- Be careful with the finish (aim at the goal not the way you’re running)
- Works best when you and the GK are going to be getting to the ball at the same time
Square Ball
- If it’s on, use it. Players do in real-life situations
- This is frowned upon but if it’s a tight game then use it, if you’re winning easily already then try something different or spectacular
- L1/LB and through ball looks good
Scoop Lob
- L2/LT adds flair and can also look good
- Careful as not every player can perform this shot

So, there is a variety of ways in which a goal in Fifa can be scored when you have a one vs one chance. Some are easier to pull off than others but practicing all these types of finishes will see you scoring more goals on fifa 13 and improve your attacking skills by a long way.